Tampa bay comic con speed dating

Comic book conventions used to be simple, cozy affairs. The main draw was the dealer room, where travelling comic book, toy and pop culture purveyors would set up shop, their space surrounded by cardboard boxes crammed with bagged and boarded books, key issues and valuable editions securely displayed away from grubby conventioneer hands.

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A few artists would set up their own tables, signing autographs and cranking out sketches for generous fans. There might have been a room showing hard-to-find comic book movies or imported Japanese anime. Thankfully, comic cons have changed dramatically during the past couple of decades.

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These days - despite the name - comics are often only a minor draw, eclipsed by a flood of other pop culture genres that have invaded the con scene. Anime and cosplay, retro and modern television and film stars, video and tabletop games have not only expanded the draw of conventions, they've made the scene a hell of a lot more interesting. Nowadays, comic cons are a spectacle. Tampa Bay Comic Con TBCC began 15 years ago with its feet firmly in the old convention style, but in the intervening years has added more and more non-comic entertainment to the roster.

The TBCC, taking place this weekend at the Tampa Convention Center, is a blowout extravaganza that can boast something - or someone - that will appeal to anyone who hasn't lived their entire life in a candlelit bunker.

Tampa comic con speed dating

These are the kinds of people you'll share the escalator with at TBBC. Well, I did because there is nothing like Comic Con anywhere. Do not forget to share this on Facebook so you can let all your friends know that the Tampa Bay Comic Con is here! And do not miss all the fantastical events that will have you rolling like the Designated Debators, where your favorite super heroes will debate issues suggested by the audience and if they lose, they take a shot.

Kate Beckinsale stalker is arrested at Tampa Bay Comic Con

They have the Doctor Who Exhibit, which discusses his past, present and future. There is even an exhibit called Way of the Sword, which teaches one to sword fight with lessons and even a tournament. I feel my inner gamer coming out. This is not only a reason for me to go back and goof off at a nerd convention, but also a good place for me to get people's feedback on steemit in a live setting.

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Full list of events here. It would be awesome to get the communities support on this one steemit tampacomiccon evangelism life.

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Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Last Comic Con We Tried to tip this young robotics team Dogecoin When I saw the logo in their slideshow as funding source. Made A Bunch Of New Friends As chaotic as we sounded, we actually got along great with people and had a blast going through all of the exhibits. Tampa Comic Con !

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