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Our system uses semantic Web concepts, ontologies, and lexical tools to automate discovery and matchmaking of grid services and resource information. We quantify the performance improvements due to knowledge acquisition and extension of ontology files with each missed query, and present precision and recall studies to measure the accuracy of the free-form search.

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The Grid is an emerging technology for enabling resource sharing and coordinated problem solving in dynamic multi-institutional virtual organizations. In the Grid environment, shared resources and users typically span different organizations. The resource matching problem in the Grid involves assigning resources to tasks in order to satisfy task requirements and resource policies.

These requirements and policies are often expressed in disjoint application and resource models, forcing a resource selector to perform semantic matching between the two.

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In this paper, we propose a flexible and extensible approach for solving resource matching in the Grid using semantic web technologies. We have designed and prototyped an ontology-based resource selector that exploits ontologies, background knowledge, and rules for solving resource matching in the Grid. A multifaceted or multi-interface web service is a web service that offers interfaces to clients and to other peer web services. The multifaceted web service uses a generic parameter-based approach developed in this paper to allow for collaboration between web servers.

This parametric approach solves security and scalability problems and is found to be applicable in many situations. Such an approach is necessary to permit easy collaboration and secure resource sharing. We describe one instantiation of such an approach in the form of a global grid scheduler for data parallel or Single Program Multiple Data programs.

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This scheduler demonstrates the usefulness of our approach in current business environments where administrative policies are a major factor in scheduling decisions. Ontology based service for grid resources description. Grid computing environments can share resources and services in a large-scale. These environments are being considered as an effective solution for many organizations to execute distributed applications to obtain high level of performance and availability.

However, the use of a grid environment can be a complex task for an ordinary user, demanding a previous knowledge of the access requirements from a virtual organization. In order to improve the search of resources and its selection, in this paper we propose the use of ontology as alternative approach to help the use of grid services. This paradigm can provide a description of available resources in a grid configuration, leading users to desire operations and describing resources syntax and semantics that can form a common domain vocabulary.

Our experimental result indicates that our proposal allows a better comprehension about available resources. In large-scale grid environments, resource discovery is made challenging by a potentially large number of resources and users and considerable heterogeneity in resource types and user requests. Resource discovery is further complicated by the dynamic variation of the number of shared resources in the system, shared resource characteristics such as availability and CPU load which vary with the time.

To achieve high precision resource discovery, resources must be given well defined meaning carried by semantic information added to resource descriptions. Ontologies increasingly gain importance for grid computing to semantically describe resources and to support an improved interoperability between applications. It allows customization of the service discovery process as it provides a selection of service matches.

In this paper, a framework for resource discovery based on group aware semantics is proposed. The resources are grouped according to the services offered by them and whenever there is a request for a resource the best match is returned by matchmaking locally or by forwarding the requests to the neighbor matchmakers.

A flat, decentralized model is implemented so that it will thwart single point failure and increase scalability. Using Ontology for Description of Grid Resources. Our experimental result indicates that our proposal allows a better comprehension about available resources main text. Resources must be readily identified and accessed to execute jobs or run applications in grid environment.

Traditional matchmaker framework performs to find matching resources in terms of resource requirements description, however adopted centralized model brings single point of failure in addition to performance bottleneck problem. P2P technology has been argued to have advantages in scalability and fault tolerance, nevertheless it is limited to support variable complex resource requirements to discover resources, mostly based on keyword or single attribute. In this paper, we propose a novel resource discovery model by organizing matchmaking engines into P2P overlay, which employs both matching technology and P2P technology, thus matching semantics and scalability can be achieved.

Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed model is naturally appropriate to the organization-based nature of grid, capable of discovering matching resources efficiently and accurately. The SVG Superordenador Virtual Galego is a system developed for the dynamic integration of computationally heterogeneous and geographically distributed nodes connected to the main Galician communications network RECETGA , so that they can be taken as a single virtual supercomputer. The SVG manages the distribution of jobs among the systems that offer resources, as well as the migration of tasks whenever a computer becomes unavailable or overloaded with local processes.

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It also keeps track of the global execution of all the tasks it is assigned ensuring at all times that the resources taken up do not compromise the local usage of the shared machines. We describe briefly the SVG architecture and we discuss the implementation of the scheduling scheme designed for managing distributed resources in this platform.

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