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Is Song Joong Ki Dating Now?

Song Joong Ki even expressed that he want a rumor that says he is dating Park Bo Young and the actress even agreed with him saying she finds Song Joong Ki as a boyfriend material. Later on, both the agencies of Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young denied all the dating rumors saying that they are just like siblings and not involved romantically. The rumored couple have made people talk about their involvement romantically but the two stars also denied any dating relationship.

A post shared by Hyekyo Song kyo on Oct 15, at 9: With their undeniable chemistry in the series, fans have constantly clinging to the idea that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are dating in real life. Both stars are also full of praises with each other which made fans think that there are more than just their chemistry on-screen.

Both the stars have denied the dating rumors. On July , Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo surprised the media and their fans after they announced that they are getting married on October 31, Everyone has been talking and shipping them but no one saw it coming that they will announce their marriage, given the fact that the two South Korea celebrities prefer to keep their romance and private lives publicly. A post shared by Hyekyo Song kyo on Nov 3, at Saturday, January 19, So, first of all, you may read this article http: After reading this article, there are netizens out there who are suspicious about sunny dating joong ki.

This made me laugh out loud.

I was like" sunny and joong ki "? Remember when jk had an interview while still filming nice guy and he was in busan to promote his movie? And jk answered he could meet her if he wanted to.


She said, "It was hard for it to develop into sincere love. I never got past one year. So sunny and the celebrity she's dated before rarely meet up in person since they both have busy schedule. While jk said he could meet her other half if he wanted to. While they were discussing secretive dating by celebrities, Sunny brought up her witness experience at the movie theater, stating, "A famous male celebrity went there with a woman, and they purposely arrived right before the movie started. However, as they came in the dark, the light from the movie screen actually hit them right on, revealing them.

The woman following behind him really bent her head down, showing only the crown of her head as if she was a person who sinned. Hahahaha let's hope the male celebrity was jk and the woman who sinned was cw.


Give me your opinions though. Descendants of the Sun is a project that will require many overseas shoots as well as a large amount of production fee and time. As Song Joong Ki has been noticed for his eye-catching looks and acting ahead of his military enlistment, people are predicting that if both sides come to a final agreement, the public response will be explosive. CW company produced drama and JK is confirmed casts before later CW is revealed to be its female lead??

PP we do too! It would be to perfect to be true, right?? My dream would be coming true It's nice to see everyone here again! I've read this too last week, and can't help but hope that both would take the roles! Although the female lead's role is an army surgeon, CW will definitely depict a different character from what she did in GD.

Oh my, I agree with danzs01, let's start the prayer vigil and offerings! Master jeonghyang I will wait for your offerings! And please do more of that dance. It's been two years? Since we started spazzing about these two. Who wouldn't be too excited about the rumor drama reunion? Happy Valentines day toasts!!!

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