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Actually not as strange as it seems. Because, as we all know, the minute you stop thinking of him, that's exactly when he'll appear. And wouldn't you know it, it'll be the moment you decided to pop to the shops without a scrap of make-up, sporting stringy unwashed hair and those baggy telly-watching slob-out clothes he always hated you in.

If you find thinking about him all the time too arduous, there's only one alternative: If there's one thing programmes like Sex and the City have taught us about disastrous relationships, it's this: They're the ones who know us so well that they can curb the worst of our embarrassing excesses post break-up: And remember, a relationship break-up does have one significant benefit: Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy yourself with them, which will strengthen the bond between you.

Thursday, Jan 17th 5-Day Forecast. Do you know the golden rules of breaking up? Here are the Golden Rules that will help make being dumped just that bit easier to bear: The time it will take you to get over your relationship is equal to the total time you spent together This rule is as unshakeable as one of those long and complicated mathematical theorems. Lie when necessary Everybody's human and it would be asking a bit much to expect that you give everybody, including your ex, the whole truth about how desolate you're feeling after your break-up.

Avoid shopping Retail therapy is a fine thing Think of your ex constantly Actually not as strange as it seems. Don't go it alone If there's one thing programmes like Sex and the City have taught us about disastrous relationships, it's this: Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos 17ft crocodile killed after eating Indonesian scientist Heartwarming moment baby hears sister's voice for the first time McDonald's manager fights unruly customer in Chicago Protests outside Brooklyn church after pastor charged with rape Meghan Markle shows off baby bump on Birkenhead visit Gas station worker killed by driver stealing gas during hit-and-run Arizona restaurant employees beat down would-be robber Saudi woman who fled to Canada to be free expects more will flee Teen thanks Canada and Thailand for helping her flee Saudi Arabia David Cameron insists he doesn't regret calling the referendum White man punches year-old black girl in altercation outside mall Cat comforts his friend who previously suffered from anxiety.

Mother-of-two died from heart attack after all-night Bob Costas finally exits NBC after 40 years, with the Heartbreaking moment 11 cats left to die in a sealed box Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vows to 'dig into' student loan Doctor 'had meltdown at parking staff branding one a Teenager, 19, helps convict paedophile uncle who molested Woman on the run for 17 years for murdering her boyfriend Five 'gunmen' are arrested in a busy Westfield shopping ISIS plot 'to assassinate Putin' is foiled as 'terrorist' Controversial MeToo-inspired Gillette advert calling for He flirted with every silly girl till I stopped attending with some nice pretexts.

Then I snidely led him to believe I'd send him more photos, but finished by asking him to not repeat his ill-bred performance because it showed he didn't know whom he was dealing with a dignified lady. He got furious and cut off our communication. I said farewell, but about a month later tried to be more conciliatory without results.

So now I'm applying the No Contact with great suffering but strictly. I realize he is a jerk but i still like him a lot. Each day is excruciating to get by during the start of the no contact rule. It is painful as you try not to get in touch with them. I'm so hurt because we used to talk to each other everyday and sharing our day and problems, and all of a sudden it all stopped.

Felt like silence and emptiness was bigger than anything else. My ex ask for some space so i helped her move out i had rent a car to move her things in the new apartment. I helped her fix the apartment even gave her cash to pay the rent cause she did had no money one of our big problems. Our relationship was going trough rough stages.

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We were busy with building a house and i am an engineer so i am busy finishing all plans etc. So the only contact we have is for that i got like 30 days without talking to her i am applying the no contact rule. But will it help to get her back i have been doing great working on myself.

Yeah this is spot on. Many people make the mistake of making exceptions for the no contact rule. Remember, no contact means absolutely no contact. Doesn't matter if they really want to talk to you, don't give in! My girlfriend on 1. We are all shocked. She was even calling me "babe" the night before in texts. Anyways, she asked me to let her go, we cried in each other's arms for ten minutes as we hugged goodbye, and she said she still loved me and was heartbroken to break it off. I did contact her sister and brother in law to tell them how much I love and appreciate their acceptance of me and have written a goodbye letter to her mom that I have not yet sent as I did not get a chance to say it in person.

I have not contacted her and plan on not for 30 days, but in all honesty I feel entitled to at least give her another chance to reconsider. I realize that I am probably just in the throws of accepting a dying relationship. Is it really a bad idea to send a goodbye to her family? Her brother in law wants to meet for a beer. Is that also breaking the no contact rule? I had a drawn out breakup but the communication ceased 2 weeks ago.

I found out he was going through a divorce that ended 5 months into our relationship. We had been together for 17 months. Even though we had already broken up when I found out, we were trying to be friends and I confronted him. I was civilized on my end and only wanted an explanation. He blew up and asked that I never contact him again nor reached out to him at all. Prior to this he explained he may have a serious medical issue. What would you suggest? I was in a relationship with my best friend for two years. We got engaged four months ago.

He lives in the United States and I live in Canada. I saw him every weekend with my two children. We wanted to get married so that I could live there and not have to travel. Our relationship got strained for various reasons and he ended it. Neither of us cheated and he knows me to be a very loyal and loving person. We did everything together.

I have started no contact as of one week ago. I unfollowed him and his family and his friends on Facebook. He has sent three separate texts. The second was asking for my address I thought because he was sending me my stuff back. So I simply replied with the address. I replied with a simple thumbs up emoji. Why does he send me things? Hey i finished the no contact rule.

A week ago i got a call from my ex i didnt know it was him as for i didnt know the number he then said something i couldnt make out , he changed the tone of his voice i thought it was creepy and said wrong number. I then made my number private and called back the next day well it was his work number and he picked up.

Im at the nxt step where i must send him a letter or text after no contact but im scared she will find it. And how do i ask him to go drink coffee with me while they always together. Do you know why your boyfriend wants to break up with you? Did you talk this through with him? If he is refusing to see you, then there is little you can do. Yes, do not contact him and follow the no contact rules. I initially stooped contacting him for almost one month.

Stop contacting him again. Hello, I used the no contact rule with an ex-boyfriend and it worked perfectly. We went our separate ways for a while, which allowed me to heel he broke up with me and later got back in touch and now we're actually good friends. But the thing is, I was never head over heels in love with the aforementioned boyfriend, which I think made it a lot easier in the end.

But how about when you need closure from someone whom you weren't actually in a relationship with? Last year, I fell in love with this guy who was also interested in me, but not in that same way he had a girlfriend at the time, in a sort of open relationship. There was A LOT of flirting and I know I shouldn't have gotten involved with him, but I was too weak to resist it and we were together a few times. He eventually broke up with his girlfriend, but because he met someone else, which shattered my heart.

He is now in a loving exclusive relationship and, although we kept in touch, nothing physical ever happened again. The whole thing started over a year ago and I am still obsessed with him and still feel attracted to him when we meet which is very rare.

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I had hopes we could still be friends, since I enjoy talking to him and he's already helped me when I needed it. He also never broke contact, which I believe shows he wants to stay friends too. But I still get anxious when waiting for a reply from him and really nervous if I actually meet him in person, so I still need closure.

I didn't write for two months one time and one month another time and still all the same feelings came back in exactly the same way when contact was restored either by him or by me. I don't want him to disappear from my life, but I still don't know how to deal with his presence. Thank you for this article. I am currently going through this heartbreak, and needed this guidance. I follow no contact rule?? I want to talk to my ex for closure. I broke up with him because his behaviour was unacceptable but then he went to jail.

I have so many questions about what happened the weekend leading up to our break up which also resulted in him landing himself in prison and I have reason to believe he may have cheated on me during this time but I'm unsure. I loved him, we were supposed to get married but since he went to prison 6 weeks ago I have blocked all contact from him and his family because I needed time to process.

Now I feel like I miss him and I cant imagine me moving on with someone new but he has created so many problems and as I said I have no idea if he has been faithful. If he has then part of me feels we could work through things, but I don't know if his brother has been getting women to write to him while hes been in jail to ease the heartbreak of us finishing.

I'm really confused because I could contact him and he could be angry at me or even might have met someone else or I could drag myself back into what felt like it was becoming an abusive relationship. This guy was really sweet but bombarded me from the start. I got to liking him and feeling secure with him and it felt wonderful. All the sudden he became insecure, dropped the ball and behaved indifferent. This was over the course of just 14 days. I decided to end what ever this was He did bring me hope and joy that life is worth living to the fullest every day.

The connection felt real but too fast too unbearably much for me. I've been executing the "no contact rule" for days now. My ex made it very clear that she did not want to talk to me again, and she has made no effort to do so, yet. I haven't contacted her yet, aswell as deleted her from all forms of social media, if she does not text me first, which I doubt she will, how long should I wait to talk to her?

Hi, I was in a long distance relationship for about 8 years, we were able to see each other a couple times a year and the rest of the time we would skype to be together. We had a fight during our conversation in viber message a couple days ago, and well, I am not sure if we broke up, but we have not been talking to each other. I had planned a travel to go see him and I do not know if I still should go to see him.

Maybe talk to each other in person, I do not know. My situation is quite the opposite. My friend has confessed feelings he has harboured for quite some time. I unfortunately do not feel the same way and proceeded to tell him wirh as much tact. I hoped to do the no contact as it has worked for me in numerous occassions but also hoped not to lose them as a friend.

I however did not initiate contact for 2months. When he did though he wanted to check whether I felt any different as he believed I should give him a chance. I stated nothing has changed abd honestly explained it had nothing to do with him personally but I harboured no romantic feelings.

I suggested that it would be easier not to be friends as he kept on hoping to stick around and change my mind. I proceeded to end the friendship on this grounds but he is determined more than ever to stay in my life. He talks with my parents often which annoys me now.

He even surprised me on my birthday and proceeded to behave atrociously towards my company despite having said I wasn't planning any party. I have since then explained how that was uncalled for and reiterated my disinterest further to remain friends. He seems determined even more than before. I have a partner now but as I don't flaunt this, his continued presence is a bother. How do I have a clean break from thus person? Talking to your ex can also cause you to continue to be tied emotionally to someone who was not connected to you.

Taking time to move on, find yourself, and begin healing is definitely needed. Reaching out, even years have passed, can cause you to falsely romanticize the person that was the conductor of your pain. The past is the past for a reason. Thanks for your comment. It's difficult to respond specifically without knowing you and your ex. My best advice would be to wait until making further contact.

You do need to work on yourself and why you feel so insecure in your relationship. If you address this, then you will probably find that your mood increases also. While we all want to feel needed and loved, it is human nature to feel suffocated by someone who is needy. After that I'd only reply to her texts and that was the 1st week till I realized that she needed space. She was really really angry because the last month of our relationship I was almost abusing her, taking her for granted, sometimes being jealous on the things that didn't even existed - to cut things short I was at my worst and a lot of new things were happening in my life in a short period of time.

We were only together for 4 months but it was very intense. We've met each other whole families and introduced each other to our friends for the first time, which was especially big for her.

How Long Should You Wait Before Dating Again After a Breakup? (3 Christian Relationship Tips)

Also she never brought any boy home or even made a habit of him sleeping over which were the normal things. If we exclude this fights that we had, we were really happy. Had an amazing chemistry and overall compatibility as human beings. Of course she never opened up to anyone like she did to me and vice versa. At first she was cold and I was weak trying to stay strong but when we got to her house to pick up my stuff and say goodbye to everyone she started crying and basically fell to pieces with the last words: I don't believe this the end of us And then got her text on 6th August.

She wanted to see me. In the evening I called and we agreed I'd come in 2 weeks 20th August because of our schedule. Day after my bus came earlier and I texted her if she could meet me for a quick talk before her work cause the bus station is near her workplace. We talked lightly, laughed, were positive, although she was more nervous and hugged me out of the blue and ran away to work and on the last step she turned to see if I was still there which I was. That was the last contact on 7th August.

Now my question is: Because on some other places I've seen advice like don't do the full NC if you did it on and off before. So 20th August would be a month and some change of our break up, or 20 days from real cutoff. Now I know that I've been weak before and after the breakup and stupid and I feel sorry for her like a person because she's a good girl, hardworking and caring for everyone.

She didn't deserve that kind of behavior, but also I'm aware what I've done and my mind is clearer than ever and I'm having these great happy changes exclusively because of me - because I don't want to be cranky or bad-tempered like I sometimes was in the past. And that's a big step for me. I've really opened up to people, started exercising meditating, laughing more and of course I know that I don't need anyone to make my life full. It would only be a shame because we have a chance for making it even more beautiful together if we'd give it a shot one more time.

But also I'm prepared for any outcome. I see both paths I can take and I'm totally fine with both of them. I only want this to have an ending, so that's my only confusion. You've approached this in a mature way and attempted to resolve your differences before breaking up. Although no contact is hard, it becomes less painful in the long run. The alternative is to keep hoping for a reconciliation and to jump every time your ex clicks his fingers.

You must continue to respect yourself and establish boundaries. Better to find out now than later, when you are married and have a young family. You have an exciting time ahead with med school. Focus on that and the opportunities that it will give you. Please don't fret about being in your 30's. You are still a spring chicken and have plenty of time to find true love. My instinct tells me that your ex will soon realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side and may want to come back.

You need to think long and hard about whether he is the right man for you, and if you want him back in your life. Remember, success is the greatest form of revenge. Focus on creating the best you and the best life that you possibly can. I'm so glad I came across your page today. I believe you given some really solid advice and I'm definitely going through a difficult time. My ex and I have been broken up for 5 days after being together for 9 years. We lived together for 5 yrs until last September when he got a job promotion and took a job out of state.

I was in the process of finishing my degree and we agreed it would be best if I stayed. I decided to apply to med school and was accepted in a different state where our house is and where he was stationed. We agreed I go and that we would make things work. We were fine the first three months with me doing all the traveling to see him. He made the excuse often that he doesn't get two days off in a row to travel and I'm 7 hours away. I felt him become distant in April but he also told me that he was ready for marriage.

We agreed that It would be best that he move where I am at until I finish school and I thought we were all set. I went to visit him in May to find he now had a roommate and he had removed my photos from the living room. He brushed me off when I asked if he was seeing someone and had them at our home. While I was home I found out he has been hanging with a new female coworker after work and they go drinking and clubbing.

He had never mentioned her before and felt that our introduction while I was home was appropriate. She was overly flirtatious with him in front of me and he didn't stop it. I became upset and said we should end things. He told me that I was the only person for him and he wants to be together forever and asked for another chance.

I gave in and returned to school. He became unavailable not answering calls and for weeks we went back and forth about his consistency and effort. We went on vacation and when he returned home disappeared again. Finally when I demanded this week that he respect me and put in effort my calling he said that he wanted to breakup because this relationship and my nagging about his effort is stressing him out and causing us both unhappiness. I explained that if we break up it's for good and to think it through.

He said he is sure he wants to break up and live his life and he deserves to be happy. He said he will always love me and wants to remain friends. No contact has been really hard and I'm in a lot of pain as we are in our 30s and I thought we were headed towards a long future together. Shortest version of a loooong story. We met in and immediately hit it off. She moved to me in '92 for a year, didn't like my town and she moved back. I moved to her in '94 until '96 when we broke up. We both had young children, so the back and forth was killer. The odds were against us and we both knew it.


We did have a serious issue along the way that never really got resolved. I apologized deeply for it, but truly there was plenty of blame to go around. I maintained some contact with her child from afar since I'd practically grown up with him. Fast forward to when she contacted me out of the blue. I'd healed at that point. We spent about 6 months together long distance as we had before. We kind of just stopped doing it. I don't really remember why. I was disappointed, but not deeply hurt. Fast forward to She contacted me again.

We began spending serious time in We discussed the future. Most of our logistic issues were behind us. Our kids are adults now. We talked about a future and planned how to best spend it. We agreed that her moving here was the best option. We laid out retirement plans since it's only now 5 - 7 years away. We discussed our "big" issue from 25 years ago. She said she'd gotten over it and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. We got engaged last Xmas eve. We haven't had much time together, VERY opposite schedules but constantly discussed it realizing that when she move here in fall '17 all would be resolved.

We planned a vacation this summer and were making lists of what stuff we'd be keeping from each of our households. All this until mid-May, last month.

Why Use No Contact?

In the space of a couple of days she stopped all communication. We had Memorial Day weekend plans. I didn't panic, but did send 2 texts asking if all was OK? I called twice and it went to VM.

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  • I waited 10 days or so. She texted, "I'm so very sorry, I just don't want to do this". I wrote her a letter describing what I could only guess the barriers were and told her though I was shocked I'd rather see her happy without me than less than happy with me. She texted she'd call on approx. I haven't attempted to reach her since. Sort of a weird dance we've had all this time.

    In our off times I have loved other women, so I know I can do that. Still, she's my 1 and I miss her and our future tremendously. He sent twenty texts and nine voice mails so far Maybe three of them are concern that I may be sick or dead but not really because he can drive to my home in five minutes. I know this is not supposed to be about revenge, and I'm never going back, but after four years of being a doormat, if his anxiety is half of what mine was, I am pleased. I'll try to condense this. Met her in Had a 6 year relationship. We lived 2 hours apart. She moved here, I moved there.

    Young children we both had created obstacles to anything permanent. We had been engaged thinking we could work all the moving parts out. We split in There was the logistical issue and one BIG issue where we both screwed up. I was devastated and probably didn't handle things ideally. Nothing regarding the law, but serious nonetheless. I lightly contacted her after 10 years of NC. We spent about 6 months dating etc. It sort of fizzled and neither of us was particularly upset.

    Still, I was a bit frustrated and didn't contact her, nor did she in return. Fast forward to March She contacted me out of the blue. We've spent the last 14 or so months together. All of our children are grown and on their own. We discussed a future and how it might look. We got engaged again at Xmas ' The plan was she would move here. All this was discussed with every consideration of how we both felt and the ramifications of everything involved. She was eagerly on board and concrete plans were in place. What to keep of each's stuff, possible jobs for her here which wouldn't be pressing.

    I have it handled , vacation in July, etc. May 11 she texted "I'm so very sorry. I just don't want to do this. I called and texted twice asking to speak. In the meantime I'd sent a letter basically saying I could possibly imagine what her reasons were, but was baffled she'd cut me off entirely. I sort of gave her an out in the letter, honestly stating I'd rather have her happy without me than less than happy with me.

    That was the last contact and would have been about two weeks ago. I've loved other women during our years long breaks, so I know I can do that.

    What Is the No-Contact Rule?

    Still, she's special in my mind over 27 years and I really would love to keep this, though I know it's not in my control. I know the no contact period is for self, i'm looking at it and executing it that way. However I can't fool myself, personally my belief is eventually whatever happens happens. My ex is a great catch, she's older than me. Our sex life was amazing. We broke up Oct. We last had sex this year late Feb.

    Post-Breakup Rules

    We both have seen or are seeing other people currently. She is adamant that we'll never be together again. I believe she thinks she has summed me up. To a super clingy, irresponsible guy. I didn't have stable job in our relationship which I think was the root of our problems. I'm looking forward to healing and time for myself. I'm taking my flaws serious, and facing them head on until i'll improve.

    I'd be lying if said I said I don't want to start fresh with her. I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket. There is an old quote that says if the love is real set it free, if the love returns it was always yours. So I understand reconciled exes who end up making it are definite anomalies, even rare. I wholeheartedly rationally believe and feel my ex and I are the unique exception. Our compatibility was unusually intense, roughly for at least the first two months, our relationship was magic then. Basically what i want to know is how long should enter no contact for? Having never done it before with this individual.

    I'd like to ideally make a strong impression. I'd like appreciate your insight. Also if she initiates contact, then what? Just completely undermine her? I didn't know about the no contact rule ,what do I do now that I've already contacted her? This Scorpio is on day 6 of my initiated no contact. It was easy at first, but I'm wavering now. I must keep silent My boyfriend and I did not break up. After he lost his job. A week later he stop texting and calling me.

    I would do all the texting and calling, and I would make the suggesting to meet up and hang out. He begin to get frustrated because he could not find and job. I would give him space for two to three days. When I text him he would be happy to hear from me. He would even text me back. Then he would get distance again. So I decided to do the nc. I did it for a week, so i contact him. He was glad to hear from me. He text me back asking if everything okay. So I am back to the nc. It has been 7 days and I have not heard from him. Im 47 and he is I asked my boyfriend if he loves he said he doesn't know if he loves me?

    He already has told he loves me I'm the past but feelings have changed due to our fights. I started the No Contact day 5 was it the right thing? I dates this girl for two years. Just to put things in perspective. She is the type of person that needs her space.

    I always invaded her privacy and life. We would break up most of the time because i would overdo it without giving her space cuz i was scared to lose her. Two weeks ago she started talking to a guy. She told me straight up. I cried and i begged her to not leave me. I would blow up her phone. I even blackmailed her with stuff shes done in the past cuz i felt like i got screwed over cuz i got her the job and she fell in love with a co worker. I still want her back not cuz of the reasons people think but because shes actually a nice girl honestly and my best friend. I think shes just confuse.

    I think her whole family hates me and i think she does. We hanged out one last day told me i was the love of her life but that i wouldn't change and she wants to look forward. Talk to those closest to you about your situation. Acknowledging and confronting the reality of your emotions now will make them much, much easier to deal with farther down the road. When you think back on a breakup, particularly if you were the one who was broken up with, it can be tempting to try to remember just the good parts.

    On the flip side, if you were the one who ended things, it can be tempting to paint your ex as the villain and yourself as the good guy. A breakup can also be good wake-up call.